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Kids and Slime



We spark curiosity through fun science, math, engineering, and technology explorations.

Respect Culture

We motivate with cultural backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives embedded into STEM learning.

Grow Intellect

We grow intellect with

hands-on experiences

that develop thinking

and expand knowledge.

Improve Confidence

We inspire a strong sense of self-belief, decision-making, and resilience through intellectual and social interactions.

Empower intellectual growth through
culturally relevant learning experiences.


Deliver workshops to youth and educators that expand intellect and confidence in science, technology, engineering, math, and literacy.

Kelly Marie Shepard, PhD | CEO and Founder


Kelly Marie Shepard, PhD

Back in 7th grade, I walked into my science class, greeted by Ms. Smith’s excited smile. 


“Today, we’re going to do a science experiment with fire!” She told us. That’s how I got hooked on science. Now, I'm dedicated to spreading that excitement to others.


I went to college and earned a PhD in Science Education at Illinois Institute of Technology. From Loyola University Chicago, I earned an M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction and a B.S.Ed. in Elementary Education.


After years of experience as a professor, teacher, education consultant, and science education researcher, I created Kezly Education LLC. At Kezly, we help children, teens, and schools learn science, technology, engineering, math, and literacy through fun and interactive experiences.

Kezly believes in the power of education.
Together, let's build a plan for success.

Kezly STEM camps kids
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